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At a leading cosmetic injectables clinic offering a range of premium products and procedures to enhance your natural beauty.


Premium Lip Fillers in South Yarra

A science and an art, Dermaq Aesthetics offers Melbourne's #1 lip filler prodecures to achieve your ideal look.


Melbourne's Best Anti-Wrinkle Injections

An incredibly effective preventative treatment to stop the development of fine lines and wrinkles in their tracks.

Premium Lip Filler in South Yarra, Melbourne

About Dermaq

Dermaq Aesthetics is a leading medical aesthetics & cosmetic clinic that provides the highest quality cosmetic injectable procedures, dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments.

At Dermaq we are all about embracing and enhancing your natural beauty. Our highly trained specialist doctors and registered nurses will work closely with you to achieve your beauty goals.

Woman Getting Anti-Wrinkle Injections in South Yarra, Melbourne

Lip Filler

Lip and dermal fillers give an immediate fresh and youthful appearance. Administered by a Dermaq practitioner, they can be used to give almost any desired effect. Including adding volume, lifting, contouring, sculpting and filling out lines.

From 'Russian Lips' to a natural look, our clinicians are experienced in the art and science of beauty. The fillers used are a thick gel-like substance that occurs naturally in your body, drawing water in to restore lost volume, fill out folds and lines, and correct facial asymmetry in areas such as the cheeks, chin, or lips.



Anti-Wrinkle Injections South Yarra

Another Dermaq favourite, anti-wrinkle injections can help you achieve incredibly smooth and even skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and prevent the formation of these later in life. Anti-wrinkle injections can be used in common wrinkle-points such as between the eyes, along the forehead, or any problem areas.

At Dermaq, we even offer anti-sweat treatments, to prevent excessive underarm sweating. Results for all types of anti-wrinkle treatments can take several days to weeks to fully appear, but administered regularly, can give you a lifelong youthful look.

Lip Filler South Yarra


Visit our elegant and private clinic in South Yarra for a free consultation with a registered nurse and discussion of your goals. We'll work closely with you, using the latest techniques in lip fillers, dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle inkections - all with premium products - to help you achieve your beauty goals.

Our consultations are tailored to your needs, and our practitioners will be with you for every step of your journey, offering our legendary post-treatment support.

Lip Injections South Yarra

Some of our most popular dermal filler & anti-wrinkle treatments

Lip Filler Melbourne

Lip Fillers

Over time the lips can lose volume and shape. The top and bottom lip can be 'plumped', border of lips can be shaped and defined, and surrounding lines can be corrected.

5 - based on 12 reviews
Jawline Filler Melbourne

Jawline Filler

Dermal filler is used to define, contour and sharpen the jawline.

5 - based on 3 reviews
Cheek Filler Melbourne

Cheek Filler

With age, the cheeks start to drop as fat and structural components of the skin diminish. Fillers will help to increase volume, give a ‘lifted’ appearance to the face, and create a more defined cheekbone.

5 - based on 2 reviews
Chin Filler Melbourne

Chin Filler

Chin shape makes all the difference to the profile, a weak chin or an under-projected chin can be corrected by dermal fillers, resulting in a more evenly proportioned profile.

4.9 - based on 6 reviews
Tear Trough Filler Melbourne

Tear Trough

Tear trough filler is a simple procedure that refreshes and rejuvenates tired looking eyes. Filler is placed along the hollow under the eyes to smooth out your eye shadows by restoring lost volume and reducing the appearance of dark circles. This will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes. Most of the time filler needs to be placed in the mid-cheek so the under-eye is supported.

4.8 - based on 1 reviews
Dermal Filler Melbourne

Peri-Oral Lines

Dermal filler is effective at ‘filling’ lines and wrinkles around the mouth such as marionette lines, smoker's lines and smile lines.

5 - based on 2 reviews

Dermal Filler Patient Melbourne

"I would highly recommend Dermaq Aesthetics to anyone interested in cosmetic injectables! The nurse made me feel at ease from the beginning, was very thorough, and took her time to understand exactly what I wanted."

Bianca Harrell


Anti-Wrinkle Patient Melbourne

"I went here for a consultation because a friend of mine recommended it to me. I have never had cosmetic injectables before so I was a little nervous. The nurse [...] went over everything in depth with me and answered all of my questions about lip filler. Her attention to detail is wonderful and has a lovely bedside manner. I love my new lips and I highly recommend!"

Grace Swanson


Lip Filler Patient Melbourne

"[My nurse was] so professional and gentle, talks you through everything thoroughly and makes you feel comfortable and in safe hands. My new cosmetic clinic.

Alice Frigo




Lip Filler Before Lip Filler After
Lip Filler Before Lip Filler After
Anti-Wrinkle Before Anti-Wrinkle After