Madeline, RN - CMO

Chief Medical Officer

Madeline is one of Melbourne's leading cosmetic clinicians. She has extensive experience in lip fillers, dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and a range of non-surgical cosmetic aesthetic procedures.

Madeline works closely with patients to understand their specific needs and beauty goals. She has extensive post-graduate training and experience in the cosmetic aesthetics field, and is qualified to perform all injectable procedures.

Madeline completed her Bachelor of Nursing at Monash University, before working on the neurological ward at Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. She has trained as a cosmetic injector all around Australia, and been accredited by multiple industry leading institutions.

Since working as a cosmetic injector and CMO at Dermaq Aesthetics, she has administered countless procedures and helped many clients achieve their beauty goals with her unique blend of skill, compassion and dedication to her art.


Lip Filler

Amy, RN


Amy is a talented and compassionate nurse who has completed comprehensive training at Dermaq Aesthetics and brings a wealth of experience and care to our team.

Amy specializes in various medical and cosmetic procedures. Her dedication to patient satisfaction and well-being is unparalleled.

Amy completed her nursing training in Ireland, focusing on patient care and clinical excellence. She brings a personal touch to each treatment, ensuring comfort and beautiful results.

Since joining Dermaq Aesthetics, Amy has quickly become a favorite among clients, always delivering excellent care with a smile.