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Learn About Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers and Lip Filler in Melbourne

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Anti-wrinkle injections work to increase your natural supply of collagen, which keeps the skin firm and young looking. These injections can be used in a variety of areas, including the face, neck hands, feet and chest areas.

Our anti-wrinkle injections treatments can get rid of unwanted wrinkles, helping you look rested and relaxed with natural looking results. Lip fillers offer a subtle enhancement to your lips, adding softness and fullness with results that are as natural as can be.

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You can be fresh, relaxed and rested with natural-looking results that also restore your confidence.

Anti-wrinkle injections and lip fillers are two of the most common and fast-growing non-invasive cosmetic treatments available. With very little pain or downtime, the improvements to your expression, wrinkles and smile are extremely subtle, but wonderfully effective!

We offer a variety of specialist treatments, including anti-wrinkle injections and lip fillers. We believe that looking good shouldn't mean your body needs to be transformed. It simply means you feel good, confident and natural.
Help your skin look healthy and smooth. Make people notice how stunning your face is. Lip fillers can help you get the natural-softness you long for.

Our wide range of anti-wrinkle treatments are designed to help you look fresh and young. We have a variety of different treatments and products, ensuring you'll find the perfect fit for your face - whether you need your forehead, neck or chest area injected.

Botulinum toxin injections are used to soften wrinkles and lines on your face, neck, and around your mouth. They can also help with excessive sweating from hyperhidrosis, as well as minimize muscle spasms caused by some neurological disorders like a brain injury or stroke. Anti-wrinkle injections use Botulinum Toxin Type A. Although it is a prescription only medicine that’s administered by a licensed professional, botulinum toxin injections have been used safely and successfully for many years, even decades in some cases.

Anti-wrinkle injections are a treatment for the appearance of wrinkles to the face and neck. They are used to reduce the effects of aging, making skin look smoother and younger by eliminating wrinkles caused by deep lines or expression lines. Botox works by relaxing the muscles underneath your skin so they can no longer cause wrinkling. Lip filler is used to add volume to thinned lips and fine lines around the mouth. It smooths out creases and makes lips appear plump and well balanced with your facial features. Dermal filler is used in a similar way by adding volume back into areas of the face where it has been lost due to aging or trauma. The main difference between dermal fillers and lip fillers is their target area; dermal fillers are placed deeper within the layers of skin than lip fillers.